Getting started with Google Forms

Want to create a Google Form but not sure where to begin? View this quick tutorial created by Lee Webster.  When creating forms for students within our district Google account, remember elementary students cannot access email.  You will need to embed the link to the form on your class website or blog.

Some tips at the elementary level:

1. Make sure you do not check the box that requires a student to sign-in

2. Create a question on the form for students to enter his/her name and make sure that question is marked “required” so every entry has a name.

3. Don’t mark all questions “required” unless they are mandatory (or you know they will have time to finish the entire form). For example, if you have activities at the bottom that students may not get to leave the “required” box unchecked so students can submit the rest of the form without being prompted to finish first.

via Google Forms – Getting started – YouTube.

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