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Where do I begin?

When thinking about infusing technology try to go beyond substitution.  Alice Keeler tweeted yesterday, “Remember do not teach a tech lesson.  Teach the content that uses technology, even if you are a Tech Teacher”.  Visit her blog, Teacher Tech, and learn how to use the SAMR model when planning this year.  If You’re Going to Learn Something New…. Learn Something New.

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Do you know the “Pop See Ko”?

A few ladies over at Washington got me started on GoNoodle and the students LOVED it! If you haven’t heard of these awesome brain breaks check out the video below.

5 Ways to get started with Go Noodle

1. Use the new Search bar! Look for the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of GoNoodle, and find your favorite videos in a snap.

2. Explore the new Explore Page! It’s the #1 place to see what’s new (and what’s coming soon).

3. Broaden your horizons! Beyond Pop See Ko and Zumba Kids, there’s a world of calming and coordination activities. Try something new!

4. Inside scoop: GoNoodle’s new video player means shorter load times and less buffering. Share the news with a fellow teacher and be a GoNoodle hero!

5. GoNoodle Makeover: Deck out your classroom with free GoNoodle decorations. Yay!

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